Amega Global Review

My First Amega Global Exposure – The AMWand

I want to get into my official Amega Global Review but first, I want to provide a bit of background of my own experience with one of their mainline products, the AMWand.

I had my first exposure to the Amega Global Products and the AM Wand after hearing everyone in my healing circle buzzing about it. Particularly the Amega Wand and AM Pendant. I heard from someone I truly respect otherwise, I might not have checked it out right away.

First thing I did was Continue reading “Amega Global Review”

Amega Global Blog Intro

Good day everyone! Welcome to my Amega Global blog. I am so excited to be taking part in the “Health E-volution”. To start, just a little background on me so you understand where I’m comin’ from.

I have always been interested in health and it has inevitably led down the path to Energy and Consciousness. All health (or unhealth) is a reflection of mind. Now, I have come to this on my own and if you have not, you will. So, since our reality is a reflection of our own mind (or consciousness), then the state of our health is determined by this culminating factor.

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Amega Pendant

Amega Pendant – Your Very Own Scalar Energy Pendant

“While the AMWand shoots out life supporting energy out the tip like a flashlight or a laser pointer, the AMPendant radiates a warm protective glow of zero point field energy to literally raise your vibration at all hours of the day and night. It’s good to have that thing on you!”

The Amega Pendant is infused with zero point field energy using AMized Fusion Technology TM… Continue reading “Amega Pendant”

Amega Bracelet

Amega Magnetic Bracelet and Magnetic Jewelry

The Amega Bracelet is a form of therapy that helps to increase blood-flow in the body. It literally speeds up the blood-flow as well as helps evenly disperse your blood cells for improved circulation.

We deal with stress headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, low energy vitality, aches, pains, depression, arthritis and joint pain in our hands and fingers. Continue reading “Amega Bracelet”