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Hey everybody!

Thanks for joining me here. My name is Coz and I am an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ASSOCIATE of Amega Global (now called AMwell).

I aim to provide Top Notch Info about Amega and it’s energy products. Also, I’d Love you to Join My Team of “WANDERS” so we can Shoot Zero Point Energy all over the Planet Together!

I have always been interested in health with a particular interest in energy healing. I’ve seen it work time and time again but never before have I seen it so up close and obvious as with this AMized Fusion Technology.

In my practices of Qi Gong and Buddhist meditation, I have learned that there is a ground source from which all things rise and come in to being. It is this same source to which all things decay and fall back into.

I have found that the Amega Global Products (AMwell) are in line with this very simple, and yet, rarely understood principle of life in this universe. It is cutting edge healing technology that I knew was possible but until now, had not heard about.

Join me in my quest to share this amazing gift and spread it all over the world so that we may be strong and healthy individuals.

Also, please note:



To access more information regarding AMwell products, follow the links below:

AMwell AMwand

AMwell AMwand Article#2

AMwell Magnetic Bio Energy Bracelets

AMwell AMpendant


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello there, stumbled on your website, great job! I finally received my wand last week. Everyone ‘feels’ something, and some minor clearing of pain, but nothing like most of the testimonials I have read. So doing some websearching for more information. Great job!


    PS: I am up in Victoria BC Canada!

    1. It’s not hoax because I’ve tested it myself. One thing more, the goal of Amega Global is not to sell but to spread/share the good news that there is still a natural way to harness life’s energy source. Our common goal is not to convince nor to sell but to spread and share. BTW, we love skeptic people because the minute that they believe in Amega, they’re in it no matter what.

  2. Do you know what the nutrition facts are of the DNA drink? I am interested in trying it but I need to know if it is gluten free, organic and if I should take it in addition to my multivitamin or instead of my multi…? Thanks!

    1. @Tsunami
      The main thing about the DNA, or AMGeneX as it is now called, is that it has Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts.

      I would say, AMGeneX is good for you in addition to taking your other vitamins as it is not a multivit.

  3. There’s some great content on this blog.

    I’ve been reading more about meditation and hypnotherapy lately. Both seem like good ways to achieve enlightenment and personal development.

  4. Hi,
    I bought an Amwand and while I shake it it sounds like partickles inside are loose and not fused togther! is it from bad quality? I bought it through official Amega dealer.

  5. I joined several years back but now forgot my password and the system tells me that my login is invalid.
    Please help me access my account

  6. I have just placed an order for a black tip Amega Wand. Confirmation number 1772070. I was not able to print off a receipt but just received the confirmation number. I am feeling uneasy at this process and want to make sure I did not get scammed. I will cancel my credit card order if i do not hear back.

    Thank you.

  7. Can you tell me how I can reach the North American office of Amega Global? I have some of their products and need to talk to them. My phone is 817-640-4304. Thanks

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