AM Wand

What Does AM Wand Do?

One of the most eye opening functions of the AM Wand is it’s ability to provide such immediate benefit to the health of your bio energetic system. Symptoms only are a sign of an underlying issue. As the issue itself begins to heal, the symptoms disappear. Generally when you heal, you natural feel better. Amega Global’s AMized Fusion Technology TM is at the heart of this self-care E-volution!

We All Have Pain

We all want to get rid of pain – back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, neck pain, and MANY of us want arthritis pain relief. As the body ages, problems crop up due to years of stress, poor posture, poor dietary nutrition, poor sleeping habits, and the list goes on. With Amega Global’s AMWand we have a drug free solution to assisting the bio-energetic system return to homeostasis.

AMized Fusion

The Amega AMWand is made with a combination of special granulated minerals that are processed with Amega’s proprietary AMized Fusion Technolog TM that is based from quantum physics (finally this type of technology is filtering down to the consumer!) The AM Wand produces zero point energy, which, is also called AMized resonance. Just like the wand, the Amega Pendant is also infused with zero point energy using this same proprietary technology.

Cell Memory

Wanding the body’s cells reminds them of their natural state. Their inherent intelligence remembers their natural state. Cell memory is a widely known fact but it usually is related to how cells will go back to their diseased state. Such as when you have a healing session like a massage and you feel much better but a few days later the muscles revert back to their tense and stiff state because of years of cell memory. With AMized Fusion, you are reminding your cells of an earlier time and they gladly go back to this state of true health or homeostasis. And when you are healthy, you feel good.

How To Use The Amega AM Wand

Using the AM Wand is easy. Just point the amwand like a flashlight at the trouble area and do clock-wise circles for as long or as little as you please. The longer the better obviously. 5-10 minutes is definitely long enough to get results but again, the longer you do it, the more powerful the results will be.

What The AM Wand Can Do

The Amega AMWand provides immediate source energy to your bio-energetic field. It promotes the body going through a process of self healing. The Am Wand will stimulate proper bodily functions for increased health and vitality. It stimulates the immune system and removes all blockages in bio energetic field. You can wand your food and drink to raise the actual frequency so that when ingesting the food, you are literally raising the frequency of your insides promoting great health. And I’ve heard that animals respond VERY well to getting wanded – I completely understand why, it feels amazing!

Get The Amega Zero Point Energy AMWand

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  1. I am very pleased to receive all your emails and pertinent information that you send to me. I met you at Grand Master David’s workshop. I learned about the wand in January. I also was very inpressed with what it does. As a matter of fact I had intended to email you about it, but wanted to learn more about the company.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the emails :) I make sure to keep them educational AND entertaining just to keep it interesting.
      Happy Wanding!

    1. Hey Conn, you made it! Happy Birthday!!I need to post “Sacrament”, a short story that all about Silver’s origins, now that the rihtgs have reverted back to me. Now, finding the time . . . ;)I also plan to finish the story about Dante, Silver, and Leigh.The boys (Dante, Von, Silver) are awake now, and I believe drinks are literally going to be on them for your birthday? ;)

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      1. MistyXoXo Posted on Thanks for the post, Clarice. My doctor first ssecetpud that I might have arthritis, but the hand x-rays came back normal and that’s when he considered Lupus. I hope you get through the winter without too much pain!

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  5. Please refund me NOW I have tried on several attempts to contact you and you have failed…please get ahold of me and refund me….what seems to be the problem? I do NOT have your services NOR do I want them.

  6. country is Iran. And I have a AMwand.and .ampendant but I have questiton:
    What is the correct. way to work with this tool. Thanx

  7. I have been trying to purchase an Amega Zero Point want as suggested by Dr. Bradley Nelson, but could find no site that provies an order blank. Please advise.

    1. Please I want to order the Amega Wand for use in my clinic.
      May I know the cost and how to order
      I live in abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

      I will appreciate prompt reply.
      Dr Shaye

  8. DEAR SIR OR MADAM: Can this Amwand heal depression in any way? I’m sixty seven, male and have depression since 2000. Admittedly, I am looking for a magic wand or pendant that will cure me instantly. Those Seroxat pills do not seem to do much good. Hope to hear from you when you get time for which i thank you.


  9. Hi , I find that ega age defiance massage oil is extremely good for my knee pain, I could walk after applying it on my knee before I sleep. this bottle which was given to me by a friend is finishing soon, how could I purchase it. Thank you.

  10. I would like to know where I can get your water Antioxidants machine. I am a BA member I don’t remember the number since it has been a while. Thanking you in advance.

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