Amega Bracelet

Amega Magnetic Bracelet and Magnetic Jewelry

The Amega Bracelet is a form of therapy that helps to increase blood-flow in the body. It literally speeds up the blood-flow as well as helps evenly disperse your blood cells for improved circulation.

We deal with stress headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, low energy vitality, aches, pains, depression, arthritis and joint pain in our hands and fingers.

The Culprits That Impede Good Health:

Some causes for this stress are external factors like electro magnetic radiation from computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment; pollution in our food, air, and water; and also straight hectic lifestyles! Some internal factors or self-induced factors that lead to over stress are lack of sleep and exercise; lack of nutrition in our diet; and other forms of self abuse like smoking, drinking, drugs, etc…

The Solution:

Wear Amega Bracelets on your wrists to balance the body and promote good health. These magnet bracelets are proven to increase circulation to reduce these symptoms of degenerated health.

Take control of the external factors to let your body “catch up” and begin the self healing it needs to do so we don’t always have to turn to drugs, pain killers and other poor habits.

Your body is physically connected by a network of over 60 Trillion self producing cells supported by a web of over 72 nerves!

This integrated system depends upon the body’s Bio Energetic Field which has its own vibratory signature, or, electromagnetic rhythm. If this becomes imbalanced, so do our feelings, our thoughts, and our health, and our lives.

The Amega Bio Energetic Magnetic Bracelet:

Magnetic therapy is not new; in fact, it’s ancient. Amega combines this technology with Far Infrared Technology to provide:

  1. increased blood flow by activating negative ions (negative ions good) in the body
  2. pushing away the positive ions (positive ions bad) that are created in our modern environment
  3. better detoxification in the body
  4. higher metabolism and energy level
  5. and balance to our body’s Bio-Magnetic Field

The Magnets Themselves:

The Amega Magnets are all natural Neodymium Magnets at a 3000 Gauss rating so they are the top of the top! These are super strong and very rare Earth Magnets that can attract objects several times their size and are the strongest of all rare earth Magnets.

And they are placed in all the Amega Magnetic Jewelry so that the south pole, or negative pole, is facing the skin. And because blood cells are negatively charged, the bio bracelet repels the cells causing movement, which, increases circulation.

The Far Infrared Technology In The Bio Bracelets:

The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are imperceptible to the eye but give off energy into the body and increase surface temperature. This promotes enzyme activity, metabolism and helps to reduce cellulite, fat, and improved detoxification of the cells.

Used in conjunction with the Amega Pendant and Amega AMwand that resonate zero-point energy in will give rise to an incredible force towards self healing because they all support the body’s Bio Energy Field in different ways to help the body return to homeostasis.

Amega Magnetic Therapy Benefits:

  • improved blood-flow and circulation throughout the body
  • improved bodily functions (metabolism, detoxification, enzymatic activity, etc..)
  • Strengthens Bio Energetic Field
  • Increased negative ion and reduced positive ion activity to promote better health and healthier environment
  • Boost in general energy levels throughout your day
  • Reduced cellulite, fat, and waste
  • Improves your golf swing!

Go to the Official Amega Global website for More Info on the Amega Bracelet

The magnetic bracelets are manufactured of titanium and use magnetic rings to form stunning jewellery. And there is also a wide range of bio energetic products available: magnetic and AMized Fusion jewellery, rings, and hematite necklaces, etc…

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