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My First Amega Global Exposure – The AMWand

I want to get into my official Amega Global Review but first, I want to provide a bit of background of my own experience with one of their mainline products, the AMWand.

I had my first exposure to the Amega Global Products and the AM Wand after hearing everyone in my healing circle buzzing about it. Particularly the Amega Wand and AM Pendant. I heard from someone I truly respect otherwise, I might not have checked it out right away.

First thing I did was my due diligence (didn’t want to run into some kind of Amega scam). I watched some vids and listened to an Audio about Amega Global that talked about Zero Point Energy and AMized Fusion Technology TM (remember that phrase), healing, and what kinds of experiences people were having. I’ll provide the very same stuff I saw and heard below. I’m just gonna put it into 3 steps to keep it simple so you can get the Eagle Eye view of Amega Global and what their products can do:

Easy 2 Step Process: Understanding Amega

The “Eagle’s Eye View” of the Amega Global Products, what they do, and how they work:

1) Watch Nana get wanded in the 2 vids below:

2) Visit the following website for more info on AMized Fusion Technology TM:

If you would like, you may read my own story and my Amega Global Review. And then later you can link to Amega Global’s Official Website to get official Info on the AmWand and Amega Pendant.

My AM Wand Experience

I went to an Amega demonstration where they were wanding participants. From what I saw, I wanted to get in on it too. I asked the guy next to me if I could borrow his wand for a few minutes.

Short preamble: I was in Vancouver for the Olympics and the previous night I went out and got a bit tipsy (I know, I know. Not healthy) and got quite sick the next day.

I am pretty health conscious but I do go out with friends and have a few from time to time – it’s just the culture where I’m from. I thought this was the perfect time to check this thing out because I am generally quite healthy with no daily aches or pains but on that day I was feeling very sick with nausea and migraine.

Anyway, I tested Amega Global and wanded my third eye for about 10 minutes doing a little self healing because I had a really bad headache. After I finished, my painful head-ache was gone and I felt serene and relaxed – sort of warm and fuzzy. I just felt good. It was simply amazing because I always get uptight in groups of people and then I was just relaxed and felt easy going. I didn’t want to leave the room when it was over! Apparently no one does I’ve heard!

Thanks Amega Global! (just kidding – but not)

So, from that personal first-hand experience, I gained a deep understanding and a gut connection to what this really is all about; it’s very transformative. But not only that, it changed the whole way I look at the world. I knew we were all energy but, until then, I didn’t really understand it experiencially.

My Amega Global Review

My Amega Global Review. Amega Global is a health and wellness company out of Asia that has recently been making waves here in North America because of their AMized Fusion Technology TM. This is a proprietary technology based in quantum physics, which, states that everything in our universe is made of energy that vibrates. Thus, everything has it’s own unique energetic vibratory signature. So Amega Global’s products like the AMwand and the AMpendant resonate with Zero Point Energy or Source energy and that helps us reach our natural health-state.

Basically, everything in the universe is energy and always moving. Also, energy is spontaneously created from a zero point field. The Buddhists call it “emptiness” or “space” or “mind”. It is the source of everything and science calls it “potentiality” or “information” because it is from this field that all things rise – such as thoughts, your bio field and even your body! And Amega Global knows this.

Your body is energy just as all things are. Therefore, it has an energy field, also called bio energy, that is affected greatly by your thoughts and your environment – that’s everything you think and do, everything you are subject to: work, stress, food, pollution, the sofa and TV, whatever.

If your energy field is interrupted (by things of an unhealthy nature: negative thoughts, junk food, power-lines, chronic stress, etc…) you will begin to form diseases which cause you pain. To correct the illness, one may correct the energy field by raising its frequency to source, i.e. where it came from and thus, support the body’s bio-energetic field.

Amega Global Uses Quantam Physics

Somehow or another, Amega Global has figured out a way using cutting edge science and zero point energy, to manipulate energy to make it vibrate at a higher frequency. It raises your vibration. To quote Amega Global itself, the products “source the life force energy from the environment to promote general wellness.” This has been tested and proven using scalar technology.

So it literally makes your cells in your body vibrate at a higher frequency, thus “reminding your cells where they came from”. It has huge potential and massive health implications on the positive side.

“Scalar” Machine – Scientifically Measuring The AMized Fusion Technology TM

The AMwand (manufactured by Amega Global) is a device infused with AMized Fusion Technology TM, a proprietary name referring to the harnessing of zero point field energy.

The Vibra Scan 1100 “scalar” (scalar is a general term for this type of instrument, based on the principles of scalar energy and scalar waves), was used to test the effects of the AMwand.

The “scalar” measures the vibration rate of the energy contained in each sample in megahertz per second (MHz). Anything measuring lower than 200 MHz is considered to be low in vitality (i.e., unhealthy). Anything measuring higher than 200 MHz is considered to be high in vital force, or consciousness, able to easily support life and wellbeing.

To give you an idea of the type of frequency Amega’s AmWand and Pendant have, I’ll tell you what was explained to me at the demonstration. The presenter (amazing guy – a healer) said that a glass of Vancouver water was measured using a scalar machine and it came up measured as a 2 MHz. That is very low. Then they wanded the water with the Amega AMized Fusion Technology TM and then measured it again and it came out about 350 MHz.

He said he measured himself before being wanded and he was somewhere just over 200 MHz. Then after getting wanded for a few minutes, he measured out at around 400MHz!! (that’s very high!) They measured the Amega Global Wand itself and it read 1250 MHz. That’s super duper high as far as I’m concerned. You can only guess what having the pendant on you at all times would do for your overall health and mood.

You may contact me if you would like to learn more about the scalar machine and the testing that went on here.

The Amega Global Products

Amega’s feel good product line that is available, in addition to the wand, is the Amega Global Jewellery line: the Amega Global Bracelet for men and women and the the Amega AMPendant as well as others. Check the Amega Global Company Website for more details. The magnetic bracelets are a bit different to the AMized Fusion wand and pendants but they increase blood circulation with the use of far infrared and magnetic therapy.

Zero Point Energy And How It Works

The Amega AMWand itself shoots Zero Point Energy out the tip and the Amega Pendant radiates this energy like a sphere. It was explained to me like this: The AM Wand is like a flashlight and the Pendant is like a light bulb. Imagine being in the glow of light energy 24/7. That’s what having a pendant does – it raises your vibration all hours of the day making you healthier and more vibrant.

The zero point energy wand is good for circling around areas of pain and disease and the pendant is good for wearing all the time to fill in the holes in your energy and protect you from EM radiation or electro-magnetic radiation (we get this a lot from electronics like computers and cell phones and it is VERY harmful).

It reminds your body that it came from source and this tends to clear things up. Pains go away, stiffness loosens up, etc… the potential is infinite. Imagine no more pain.

Click for more info on AMized Fusion Technology TM

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  1. Interesting post, having a bit of an problem accessing the RSS feed. I would quite like to add your blog. Will try again later. Thanks again!

    1. Not sure what the problem is – just click the little orange RRS icon should do it.

      Let me know if you have further troubles – thanks!

  2. Great data on this blog!

    Don’t forget Corky the dog! He couldn’t use his hind legs and then his owner wanded him. He got up and walked, straight as a string. And you can’t suggest to a dog that it works, you know? :)

    Here’s Corky:

    There’s a meeting in Glendale, CA next Thursday, April 22. If you want to go, give me a call for the details. I’d love to meet you there!

    310 424 5000

    Good luck to you all. Anybody in Salem, Or? I need a little help with my mom up there.

    Lauren in Los Angeles

    1. Awesome contribution, thanks Lauren! Corky never looked happier :)
      I missed the April 22nd meeting but I hope to see you at future get togethers for sure!
      Have you found help with your mother yet? If not, maybe I can send an email out to see if anyone out there could help out…

    1. You bet – she is awesome! This stuff really works! Who knew!!!

      I personally love it and am amazed by it every time.

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