Amega AMWand

Discover Living in Homeostasis and Feeling Healthy Again with Zero Point Energy Field Resonance!

The Amega AMWand has, inside it, a mix of what Amega calls “Granulated Minerals”. They are modified or “infused” with AMized Fusion Technology TM. This is a Proprietary Technology of Amega Global.
The AMWand

So basically, there’s crystals inside and they shoot out zero point energy!

This technology allows the Amega AMwand to RESONATE with the Zero Point Energy Field (as discovered in the early 1900’s by Albert Einstein).

Finally, this technology, based in Quantum Physics, is filtering down to us at the consumer level.

This Zero Point Energy Field, gives a ginormous amount of Life Giving Energy to the body and reminds it’s cells where they came from: Source!

The Benefits Of The Amega AMwand:

  1. Induces homeostasis in the body: supports self healing so you feel good
  2. Helps body’s Bio Energy Field to source from the Zero Point Energy Field. This allows the body to create peak optimal performance
  3. Increases energetic field of food and drink. Energized food for your body.
  4. Energizes lotions and creams for the body’s largest organ, the skin, making it vital
  5. Induces greater energy flow in the body (you just feel good)
  6. Improves body’s ability to self-regulate – more harmonized bodily functions like never before!
  7. Discharges negative energy in the body field and anywhere we apply the Amega AMwand
  8. And obviously many more applications; the sky is the limit…

How to Use The Amega AMwand:

  1. The Amega AMwand shoots zero point energy out, alike to a laser pointer
  2. Point the AMwand at the area of dis-ease or dis-comfort and make clockwise circles
  3. The longer you do this, the more benefit will be bestowed upon the body
  4. Do same clockwise circles to energize food and liquid
  5. Same circles to rejuvenate skin
  6. Again, the sky is the limit here…

The Amega AMWand: watch the following presentation about the AMWand using AMized Fusion Technology TM:

Click To Go To The Official Website Explaining The AMWand

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