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Good day everyone! Welcome to my Amega Global blog. I am so excited to be taking part in the “Health E-volution”. To start, just a little background on me so you understand where I’m comin’ from.

I have always been interested in health and it has inevitably led down the path to Energy and Consciousness. All health (or unhealth) is a reflection of mind. Now, I have come to this on my own and if you have not, you will. So, since our reality is a reflection of our own mind (or consciousness), then the state of our health is determined by this culminating factor.

The fact is (and this is now proven science: quantum physics), the universe and everything is energy. Our body is energy, our thoughts are energy. And energy is non-solid. We think matter is solid but it is just energy.

That’s my preface. It prefaces this: Since all things in the universe are energy, then they can be transformed. And we can’t logically say that humanity has figured out the universe. We are discovering new things all the time. What does this tell us? It tells us there is infinity possibility and there are so many neat things to discover.

Well, I have discovered Amega. I don’t know where they got the technology from, or how they re-created it but all I know is that it works. And I hope this blog will be an unfolding in my understanding.

This website is the official Amega Global site and explains it all: Amega Global

I am not a health care worker. I am not a registered healer, I am not a nurse or a doctor. I’m not a pharmacist. I don’t have a degree. I don’t have any credentials. I could continue this list of dont’s but what I do have is curiosity; a powerful drive to learn and discover.

I have learned something about myself among many things. I have discovered I have powerful means of discrimination. I have an uncanny ability to pick out the gems and the jewels out of all the riff raff.

I don’t know how but I just do – it’s my Karma – it’s a one of my gifts I suppose. I use my gut to tell me and I’m always right. I don’t even doubt it anymore.

So, I tell you this: What Amega has, no matter how unconventional and unbelievable, is the real McCoy.

I have had my life changed several times but this will be a cosmic leap from what I’ve seen so far.

A list of the things in my life that I have found that are the top of the line, the best of the best, the top of the top, the upper echelon, the creme de la creme, the gold standard, the upper crust and so on:

  1. Diamond Way Buddism – to say it’s  like positive thinking on steroids, is to powerfully understate what this method of enlightenment does for you)
  2. Kangen Water – has changed the whole terrain of my inner fluids. We are 80% water and this has changed the way I feel, look, perform, etc…
  3. And now Amega Global – this is the cutting edge of healing. It changes your consciousness. It raises your vibration… LITERALLY. They have done tests on this stuff and the vibration actually increases. More on that as I learn and discover more about the specifics.

So that is all from me for now. I will continue to add new developments in my level of knowledge as it comes up. So over time, the level of sophistication of this blog will increase. I will also have articles written by professionals so that I can offer you the best (I am no writer as you may well have figured out by now LOL)

Love you all!

Cosmo’s Amega Global Health Blog Introduction

Get your Amwand, Ampendant, etc…

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  1. I have to say I appreciate your down to earth manner with how you come across in your writing. Something I would like to learn about is quantum physics and how the source is related to us and how to step into the higher vibration? I am new to understanding all of this. I have watched “what the bleep” movie read many books like Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, and still do not understand completly how to enter the space between our physical here and now and what we all know is in our heart to be true that there is another power at work and entering that space inbetween where truth is? Big question, I know. I have meditated and got some place. I am learning to listen to my gut instincts and they never fail. But sometimes my gut instincts I think show up as resistance to the rest of my being or wanting. My gut will tell me something but it shows up and my mind goes against it and then I think the decision the mind has made is the actual gut response when it is the opposite. Sorry is this making any sense. I’ll stop here.

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