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Hundreds of thousands of people have bought and loved these products. Here are some testimonials from people who love what these products do for them.

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Written Amega Testimonials:

1) I have used the Amega Amwandand bracelets with my loved ones, friends and myself. I am amazed with the fantastic results from those who have used the products.  So far, it has improved sleeping problems, constinpation, indigestion, arthritis and various kinds of aches and pains. I even used the Amwand on my plants and they become healthier. I am very happy that Amega has brought my family and friends many health benefits, in addition to giving me an income.
Wendy Yeo, Singapore
2) I had lots of bruising and pain when I broke my leg.  The pain was all the time and the leg was stiff. It went black the bruising was so bad. A friend invited a friend of his around and he had an AmWand.  It looked like a pen and he was drawing circles in the air. I had to close my eyes.  I had to tell him about how the pain was feeling.   He gave me a bracelet to hold too.  I could feel the*blank*  get less.  Bit by bit.  I bought the bracelet and the Amwand.   Now I have no *blank* and I have a new job…selling health products to help people that were in pain like me. Amegans lead the way.
Soli Ishdorj, Mongolia
3) My leg was always very tired when I walked a lot. After wearing the bracelet, I feel much better now and have no problems, I can even walk distances. For my mom, she had backache last time for almost 2 years, after trying the bracelet that I bought for her; she doesn’t have any aching now.
Chau My Linn, Vietnam
4) I have many health problems following the birth of my children, I had complications arising from the Blood Pressure.  I have circulation problems too and was always tired.  The baby woke me up all the time and I had no energy.  I thought it was just being a new mother, so I wasn’t really interested in the bracelets, then my friend put her bracelet on my wrist and said to wear it for a couple of days to see for myself. I cannot believe it!  I sleep all night every night and wake up refreshed.  I have energy, I feel happier, and you know?  I don’t want to believe this will work, really I don’t – but it does.  I cannot thank my friend for introducing me to AMEGA  – Maria Schneider – enough.  Now I am buying products and telling EVERYONE!   Let’s ALL get healthy together…and Lets ALL make money…and Lets ALL help each other.  GREAT PRODUCTS AMEGA – DANKE!!
Lena Bruckener, Germany
5) Before I wore the bracelet, my right leg couldn’t take cold water because it would be painful. After I started wearing it for three weeks, my right leg no longer suffered the effects of *blank* even though I soaked it in the cold water. And now, not only the *blank* disappeared; I am also full of energy from day to day. When I wore the Bracelet and use the AmWand. I now am able to exercise more –  such as jogging, walking, playing football, playing badminton, I don’t get tired easily but just get even stronger. I bought the bracelet and Ampendant for my son, and he wears it now. Even he has noticed that he has more energy after school which is very late.  He even has a good energy to play and exercise after school, he loves the Am Pendant very much. Thank You.
Foo Casey Loop, Malaysia
6) I joined Amega one and a half years ago. It started from two problems.  One was with my health.  The first, my health problem, was an acid problem, I had terrible indigestion and burning.  I had had this problem for more than 20 years.  The second problem is the financial problem. But since I joined Amega.   Both of my problems have been solved.  In only one and a half years, I have built a house –  which is worth 1.5 billion Rupiah. Thanks Amega Global.
Anthony Bangun, Indonesia


7) This is my testimonial about using the AMWand for the first 10 days only. My birthday is this month and I will be 85 years young! I feel like I’m getting a new body already! For decades I’ve had back pain which the doctors call sclerosis, and periods of inactivity because of the pain.
Four years ago I fell, resulting in my left hip and pelvis getting turned, yet another new kind of pain. I’m small, weighing 80 pounds and the doctors have said for years not to lose any more weight. My husband is big and for about five years has been declining with Parkinson’s, so I have become a care-giver.This has been a big strain on my small body and so my pains became intense. It became necessary to have outside help for just daily living and household work. All that kept me going were frequent trips to the chiropractor and, after an adjustment, I would be on ice the rest of day and evening. The day I heard about the AMWand, I would have emptied my bank account to get relief.Fortunately, I didn’t have to take such drastic action! My wand arrived on a Wednesday evening so on Thursday had someone wand all the sore areas on and around my hip and some on back. On Friday I was standing tall and had gone from a *blank* point of about 9 (10 means CALL 911!) down to a 3! For years, during the night, pain awakened me every couple of hours and I’d have to get up and walk and then go back for more sleep, becoming sleep deprived.Bed was like a prison for me and I was surrounded with pillows, trying to find a comfortable position. The morning after my first wand experience, everyone in the house including the nurse was amazed, just watching me walk, tall and straight.Now I wand myself, knowing that the wand does not heal, but that I’m giving my body zero-point energy which reminds all the cells that they come from Source. My body responded because it only knows perfection. In that state of perfection, my body was able to shake off the ideas of disability and dysfunction which were manifesting as *blank*.Before the wanding, I was not permitted to pick up anything heavier than a glass of water, nor anything off the floor! What a blessing it is to be able to do those simple household tasks, like loading and unloading a dishwasher, and doing a load of laundry, without paying for it in*blank* !! I’m in a continual attitude of gratitude ! I’ve ordered 3 AMPendants, one for each member of my household for obvious reasons!
Ann Carlisle, Gilbert AZ
8) Amega is the Pudding! My name is Dr. Arthur L. Franklin, ND. (Naturopathic Doctor). I have studied and practiced natural methods of bringing the body into balance, (Homeostasis) for 31 years. For 11 years, 1993 to 2004, I owned and operated a Network Marketing company, as the Founder and Chairman of the Board. We sold up to $21,000,000 a year in natural products, here in the US and 12 other countries.
I retired in 2004 and sold the business when I had colon cancer and thought I would not be staying around on this earth. I am now going on 76 years of age and in good health, with the exception of what you will read below. Last August 15, 2009 I had a Brain Stroke caused by hardening of the arteries.The right artery to my brain in the back of my head went from the size of a pencil down to a pencil lead for 2 centimeters just before entering the brain, almost stopping the blood flow. I have “0” plaque in my arterial system, which is usually the cause of a stroke! Fortunately I didn’t loose my strength, sight, speech or memory, but it did leave me dizzy and off balance.My surgeon put in a stent to open up the right artery blood flow on December 15, 2009, but it made me more dizzy and off balance. However, on the positive side I will not have another stroke with the increased blood flow from the stent.When I went into the Hospital for a week I found out that I was a Type II Diabetic, and had developed extremely high blood pressure. Also, 30 years ago, I had fallen off a house roof 28 feet to the ground. I damaged the nerves in my right tight and the top of my leg has been asleep for 30 years now. When touched it felt like it had been shot with Novocaine.I have had it worked on with Massage, Chiropractic and Laser over the 30 years. Nothing has helped. I joined Amega Global on January 27th. When I received my products, the AMWand, bracelet, AMPendant and AMGizers, I found in just twelve hours, 80% of the feeling came back into my right thigh! Absolutely Amazing! Another added benefit:I now sleep soundly through the night. I used to get up at least 6 times and was tired when I woke up around 9:00 AM. Now I’m raring to go at 6:00 AM! I believe that the mat for the bed that is coming soon will straighten out my dizziness and balance issues in a matter of time. The proof is in the pudding and I believe Amega has the pudding!
Sincerely, Dr. Arthur L. Franklin, ND
9) Hips Out Of Alignment – Acamar Pendant Winning Testimonial
Yesterday I had a client, 74 years of age, visit my practice. His right hip was literally 4″ higher then his left hip and he was in excruciating pain. I asked him how long he had been in this condition and he told me that it had been for many years and that he had just learned to live with the pain.There is a “median nerve” that goes up and down both sides of the spine and connects with the sciatic nerve, which goes across the tail bone from hip to hip, then down the outsides sides of both legs. With the wand, I started creating clockwise circles at the base of the spine, went all the way up the left side of the spine to the neck, then back down the right side of the spine to the tailbone. At the tailbone I slowly went back and forth across one hip to the other. From the hip bone, down the right outside side of the leg, to the knee, back up again, across the tail bone and down the outside of the left hip to the knee and back up again and back across to the tail bone. This entire process took less than five minutes his hips went back into alignment and *blank* was totally gone. Needless to say he was very happy with the results!Thank you Amega! The AMWand is a Godsend for many people who are suffering needlessly with chronic pains.
Doc Russ

Amega Business Testimonials:

1) Let’s face it…the moment someone comes to you and says I have a business opportunity you normally run, but let me tell you this.  Amega is the best opportunity that I have ever heard about.  In only a year I have managed to pay off all my debts, get rid of nagging little health problems, and now I am buying a house. You work in an office or somewhere – you slave away day and night, day in day out, and you still have debts, you still have the illnesses…what job lets you work when you want to?  Helps you get better? And helps you earn big money?  Amega is a winner…and through Amega I am a winner too. Join Amega Now!
Robert  James (RJ to my friends), UK
2) It’s a great business, low start up costs, great products and the earning potential is up to you.  Amega  says Health, Wealth and Happiness – Here’s how I see it ….. Health you are –  wealth you make and heaps of happiness comes from the flexible hours and the ability to help and spoil your loved ones.
Robbie Watson, Edinburgh, Scotland.




Amega products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any disease or condition. No claims of efficacy are intended nor implied. What a wonderful disclaimer. But here is what we are suggesting: These products wake up your body’s NATURAL healing function. Your body heals itself.

3 thoughts on “Amega Testimonials”

  1. I have the Amega Pendant and have worn it since March 15, 2016, only removing it if I’m going into a pool with chlorine or high salt content. A week ago I started taking it off unconsciously. It just starting feeling annoying and I would reach up and remove it without realizing I was doing it. So I have left it off for a few days but I miss it! I am going to attempt to clear it by putting it in rice, setting it outside for a 24 cycle of sun and moon energy and with the intention for it to clear itself and return to zero point neutral. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

    1. I am someone who can see this energy through my third eye or imagination as some would say, and physically with my biological eyes….
      the amega products are the real deal, a gift from off this planet to offset the plan to destroy the human race as you know it,, for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, brain to think,,,,Kind of thing…….
      you are a biological energy system all in itself, the amega products as wonderful as they are,,, are still foreign objects to your physical energy
      your body has reached a point where it wants to recalibrate with out it……
      I wear 4 of these pendants,,,, one in front facing out, one in back facing out,, one on each side facing inward,,, all at the heart center,,,
      I have noticed that if I inhale some of the chemtrail stupid technologhy, the poisonous particles do not seem to go any further than my sinuses,,,,,, I will then put two ampendants on my cheek area under my eyes and sleep with them there, sinus congestion gone!!! make sure you drink lots of water,,, happy exploring your innate inner knowings….

  2. Hello,

    What do I have to do to become a distributor of your AM WAND product and what is the price for a AM WAND Pendant, the 22 Kt Gold? Who sells the AM WAND here in Ontario Canada, I would like a person name and phone number.
    Thank you,

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