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Amega Global Carries A Large Selection Of Health Products To Select From.

The 3 Top Products That Most People Get Right Away Are:

1) The Amega AMwand
-for localized healing.
2) The Amega Pendant
-for 24/7 healing
3) The Amega Magnetic Bracelet
-for increased circulation and health

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5 thoughts on “Place Order”

  1. Good morning all, I have a few Amega products available for sale, they are new, however I wish to sell them and offering for less then originally prepaid member packet I have purchased. Please contact me for detials re silver pendant, black tip silver wand, therapeutic oil, two AMGizers, AMGenex package two braceletts-him and hers.

    1. Hi Anna, I know your ad dates since 2011. However, if you still have some Amega products available for sale, am interested in purchasing them.

      Thank you Anna,


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